CCell™ Battery and Refillable Cartridge Kits

CCell™ Battery and refillable cartridge kits by Vape-Pal for smooth vaping with long battery life.

Are you tired of coughing when puffing? You’ll get smooth puffs with the CCell batteries.

The Vape-Pal CCELL™ Battery fits in the palm of your hand and the premium battery holds a charge for approximately 2 weeks.

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I got one of Diane’s CCell™ batteries and it works great. It really is a high quality little vape, definitely recommend. – Dan

Vape-Pal CCell battery and refillable cartridge kit
CCELL™ Palm Battery

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Measures 1.5 inches by 2 inches.

$45 Kit Includes:

  • 1 – CCELL™ Battery (Black , Pink , or Blue)
  • 1 – CCELL™ Refillable Cartridge (1.0 ml)
  • 1 – Vape-Pal Lanyard
  • ORDER EXTRA Cartridges for $8 each

Purchase “Vape-Pal CCell™ Battery and Cartridge Kit” ONLY $45 + $8 for Priority Mail Shipping Extra Cartridges $8 each

This cool new technology, CCell™ palm battery is for smooth vaping of any 510 thread cartridges. The palm vape secures your cartridge in the vape battery with a magnetic connector that screws on the bottom of any 510 thread cartridges.

The Vape-Pal CCELL™ Battery is a great source of power. This battery is made of aluminum alloy and features a magnetic connector with a built-in 510 thread. Breathe in and an LED will shine when it is in use.

Battery is available in your choice of color – Black, Pink, or Blue.

Vape-Pal CCell™ Battery and  CCell™ refillable cartridge kit
Black CCELL™ Battery
CCELL Battery
Pink CCELL™ Battery
CCELL Battery
Blue CCELL™ Battery








ccell refillable cartridge
1.0 ml CCELL™ Refillable Cartridge








The KIT INCLUDES our Vape-Pal Lanyard. Put the Vape-Pal CCELL™ Battery in the plastic hanger on the end of the lanyard. Wear it around your neck for handy vaping anytime you want.

vape-pal lanyards
Vape-Pal Lanyards



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Vape-Pal CCell Battery and refillable cartridge kit for smooth vaping with long battery life.