Press Release By Vape-Pal Founder Diane Gracely

Press release by Vape-Pal founder Diane Gracely of Silver Springs, FL. Vape-Pal is a new brand of vape pen, vaporizer, and e-cig lanyards.

Diane Gracely the designer of the Vape-Pal lanyards. In the beginning of January 2018, Diane came up with the idea of designing lanyards for vape pens, vaporizers, and e-cigs to keep vapes discreet while out in the public.

press release

The idea came about when members of Diane’s private Facebook group Florida Medical Marijuana Help & Education were asking if it was legal to vape their medical cannabis in public?

Diane told her members according to Florida’s cannabis laws it was not legal to vape in public.

Members began asking Diane more questions. “How are we supposed to vape our cannabis medicine as recommended by our doctor if we can’t vape in public?”

The post in Diane’s group turned into a very long thread with members discussing when, where, and how can medical cannabis patients vape their medicine.

This is when Diane’s mind began whirling with ideas as to how patients could discreetly carry their medicine with them wherever they go. Patients wanted a simple way to sneak their vape puffs when they needed medicine.

Now Diane had the resolution to the problem, she just needed a name for her own brand of vape lanyards. She posted this question in her group; “I have an idea for my new business, now I need a name. I’m going to design vape pen lanyards. I need a name for them any ideas?”

That’s when Diane’s group members began posting name ideas. Out of all of the responses she got, there was one name that jumped out at her, VAPE-PAL.

Diane posted, OMG that’s it!!! VAPE-PAL… I love it, it’s perfect!!!! TY, TY, TY!!!”

Because of the go-getter that she is, Diane was off and running. She did some research and bought the domain name and designed a website.

She’s now working on a large variety of designs and colors. Diane will start adding them to her website within the upcoming weeks.

You can go to her Facebook business page and “LIKE” it. Click Here

She will be posting announcements on her page.